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Kathy's Estate & Moving Sales


What We Offer: 

Evaluate your sale -
1. Complimentary evaluation of the potential of an Estate or Moving Sale.
2. Information to help you decide, “Is an Estate or Moving Sale the right choice?”
3. No up front costs.

 Prepare your sale -
1. Furniture will be cleaned , polished and organized.
2. Household items will be cleaned, displayed and priced at fair market value.
3. Jewelry and valuable items will be displayed in secure cases.
4. Research will be conducted on the internet. We also consult with other experts.

 Conduct your sale -

*  Advertise your sale; methods include use of our website with detailed photos and full description of what     
         is to be sold, address and times of the sale are  posted early morning on the first day of the sale.

         We send out individual emails to our extensive email  list early Saturday morning before the sale.

         We also advertise in local newspapers when warranted.  Street signage is used to offer complete coverage on

          sale dates.   All sales are advertised on
 *  Staff the sale to serve the customers and provide security for your house and items.
 *  Admit customers in an orderly manner to maintain security and a less crowded shopping environment.
 *  Maintain a neat and presentable sale. We are often complimented on our well organized sales.

 After the sale -

Provide bookkeeping. Items sold are tallied on an inventory sheet listing items that have sold for $50.00 and over and presented to you within a reasonable time after the sale is completed.

Our goal is to empty the house and get the best price for your items.  Leftover items create several options that can be discussed and decided once the sale is over. We can recommend charities or other options for you. 

We’ve worked hard for our reputation to conduct a fair and efficient estate sale.

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