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About Our Sales

Notification of Upcoming Sales -

Each week we have a sale, an email is sent to everyone on our extensive email list. The email is sent early Saturday morning with the address, times of the sale and information, there will be no sign up list, first come, first in. The address will be available on the website just before the email is sent out. Please do not call unless you cannot find this information. If you would like to receive an email notification, please request addition to the list by emailing or sign up at one of our sales. You can also find information about the sale by clicking the Current Sale Details tab or or:
Shopping Our Sales -

When the doors open on the first day, Kathy's Estate Sales assures you that, to the best of our ability, our customers will find everything in this house that our description and extensive photos show. You will find a well organized and easy to shop sale, if at all possible. Prices are firm on opening day.
We do limit entry because of the location, size of home and amount of items in the sale, so please keep that in mind.

Please do not call and request prices of items in the sale.  Ask about our GIFT CERTIFICATES.

We do not allow children under 12 to attend our sales.
During Our Sales -

Shopping baskets will be available right inside the door for your convenience. Please leave your large purses, backpacks or closed shopping bags in the car. We're happy to see your open baskets and/or boxes. If you are buying books, your open boxes are welcome.

 Large items you wish to purchase that may be big, bulky or heavy such as furniture and appliances, you may pull the large "Buy it Now" price tag, give it to the cashier and ask for a Sold sign. At that time we will consider it sold. It's SOLD!!  So, please be sure you intend to purchase it. Please don't keep others from buying something. 

Kathy's Estate Sales' cashiers and sales floor helpers are well trained to make your shopping as convenient as possible. We are happy to help you keep your hands free by holding your purchases under a display table or in an out of the way spot while you keep hunting. You can bring your things up to the front at any time to "start a pile". Be sure to give us your name. Please remember that if you give it to us to hold, that means it is sold. Please keep in mind that this is not a retail outlet. It is first come, first serve and there are no refunds or exchanges.

Sunday, most always, is half price day. All items $50.00 and less are 50% off!!  
You may place bids on items over $50.00 at anytime during the sale. Fill out the bid card completely and put it in the bid box, 1 card for each item on which you wish to bid. Please note that bids are opened at 2:00pm on Sunday and you will receive a call shortly thereafter if your bid was accepted. If you have placed a bid on an item, please be available at that time via phone. We hold your item(s) and to make it fair to other bidders, we appreciate being able to confirm your bid verbally. You will be expected to pick up your items before the sale closes unless other arrangements need to be made. There might be some exceptions.

Payment Options -

We accept Cash, Visa,  Master Card debit or credit. Personal checks are no longer accepted unless previously authorized.

Removing your Large items from the sale -

Buying furniture and appliances at our sales for great prices is always easy. Getting it home isn't always easy. Please understand that our cashiers can't leave the register and our sales helpers do no lifting or moving. When it's possible, you'll find us to be helpful and accommodating, but please plan your move of heavy and over sized pieces BEFORE you buy them. Our cashiers may even ask for your moving plan and remind you that refrigerators require an appliance dolly, for example. It is our responsibility to protect our client's property as well as sell its contents. We have a mover available at additional cost, so please ask about this if you cannot move your item yourself. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please be respectful of the venue, remember you are a guest in someone's home. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY TO ANYONE!!!